Why I’m rooting for idealists

The most exciting conversations, are those that make you feel like you are barely hanging on to a board behind a speedboat. Slicing through the water. Have you ever tried that in real life? It’s awesome, scary, you feel on top of the World but also afraid to lose grip.

Do you ever encounter people who make you feel that way? I hope you do.

So today, I met a guy, a very bright mind obviously, to talk about stonepaper. Pretty quickly the conversation started taking turns – for the better I might say: stonepaper -> trees -> energy -> bitcoins -> vertical farming -> machinery -> patents -> future proof buildings -> conquering climate change -> World Peace. Just joking about that last one, a little.

You know what’s lacking on this computer? To move the letters of these words in the actual speed this conversation took on. Like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Remember that one?

These are the people almost climbing on the tables out of sheer excitement over the possibilities we have in this World. Of all the problems to solve towards climate stability and equality. They have to go sit on their hands to make sure to stay put. Enthusiasm and energy are what they have for breakfast and diner – and lunch. The people who dare to keep believing, and act on it.

My grandfather always told me: when you’re young, you should have ideals and stick to them. When you’re old, and you still stick to these ideals, something went wrong. E.g. you ‘failed’ to experience the real world. I still miss him everyday, but on this account I firmly disagree (he knew). And hey, I turn 30 in just a couple of days. I’m expecting grey hairs to arrive any day now.

My point: please, stick to your ideals. Please live for them. Pour your heart into them. Be a daring one. And build bridges for other idealist movers. Jump on tables. Sing in the shower. Move to the other side of the World. Quit your job to start an impact company without a solid plan but out of sheer idealism (guilty). It’s that vital part, that will make change happen. I’m rooting for you!

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