The event that changed my life forever

On the 26th of March, my second daughter Rosa was born. 1.5 weeks after her birth, my life changed completely.

I was rushed to the hospital with a severe stroke and thrombosis in my brain. An extremely rare post-partum complication. Unable to speak, unable to understand anything anymore. I couldn’t grasp what was happening.

I was blessed with amazing doctors who got me back in safe health. However, it will take up to a year to fully recover.

Giving birth to Rosa was one of being in my own power. Turned inward. Feeling so strong I could do anything on my own. Not afraid, without any pain at all. It was lovely.

The experience of almost giving up my life due to a sudden illness was one of being carried by others entirely. My brain switched off to protect myself. My husband, family and doctors jumped in to save me and shield my children.

In weeks after slowly starting recovery wonderful people gathered around to help and guide us through.

A shared life is what I’ve got now. And I am so grateful for it.

Sometimes there is a strong feeling of sadness for all that I’ve missed these past weeks and will miss the coming period of time.

But then I remember.
We are all not alone. We have never been so. So many people stood beside us as we lived through this experience together.

I am grateful for this life, for still being here and the countless wonderous experiences to come

I will be back here, but it will take some time.

with love and gratitude,
Anne Pleun

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